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Our Services

Affordable Crestaco Properties in pursuit of its social housing delivery offers its collative membership a package of associated and integrated services: these are:

  • Urban and rural community awareness raising/building on opportunities for collective membership driven social housing delivery initiatives. 
  • Mobilization of urban and rural low income home ownership seekers into democratic collective stakeholders driven funds. 
  • Resource mobilization through membership fees, social housing delivery machinery, monthly membership subscriptions and project funds. 
  • Fund(s) investment(s); administration/management by making/ implementing fund growth investment decisions. 
  • Lobby & Policy Advocacy on housing policy; programs; law(s); legislation; regulations(s). 
  • Housing development project planning; organization and implementation management 
  • Land negotiation and acquisition services 
  • Legal and Contract Administration Services (hiring and supervising external technical experts-town planners; land surveyor; civil engineers; contractors) 
  • Formulating and implementing housing delivery policy and implementation strategies (e.g joint ventures; smart partnerships) that suit membership expectations and interests.   

Pay for your serviced stand-home ownership scheme

The approach to social housing service delivery is underpinned by the concept to pay for your stand concept. Members subscribe and contribute financially towards site acquisitions up to site and service development. 

Each member contributions go towards all the costs necessary to develop and service his portion of stands. The process is however centrally administered by the Trust Secretariat.

Site and service scheme development model

The second underpinning service delivery model is that of site and service development. Our approach is to acquire virgin land then through our membership contributions outsource technical skills and expertise to develop the housing project to fully serviced scheme level. 

This will be evidenced by a certificate of compliance. Individuals will have responsibilities for their house construction. Activities leading to a development/serviced client which are collectively undertaken include:

  • Topographical site surveys 
  • Town planning subdivisions/Residential layouts designs 
  • Project environmental planning 
  • Cadastral surveys 
  • Engineering Surveys 
  • Design and construction of civil works (roads, storm water drains, water treatment plants/reticulation systems/sewer treatment plants/reticulate systems). 

Smart partnerships/and or joint ventures 

Our third strategy is premised on the concept of partnerships. We both endure and embrace the concept of smart partnerships. To that end; in our approach to social housing service delivery we: 

  • Enter into joint ventures with private/public ownership of virgin land. 
  • Engage technical funding partners to provide specialized services throughout the housing project cycle development process. 

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